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Monday, October 20, 2003

:: China olympics ::

Beijing set to choose Linux for its high-tech Olympics

November 04, 2002

According to the draft proposal for the build-out of the Beijing Olympic Games, received by Interfax from the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG), the software and Intelligent Management System (IMS) for the games will use Linux based office software. The 2008 Beijing Olympics are already being billed as "the High-Tech Olympics," one of the major themes in the city's successful bid. A previous proposal seen by Interfax, revised in the latest edition, had proposed both Windows and Linux operating systems. The move, which could be interpreted as another snub to the Microsoft Corporation by Beijing, enforces the Chinese government's stance as a champion of the development of independent operating systems. The IMS to be developed is described as including the information system for the Olympic competition, including key technology such as "a mobile communication-aided support based computer-aided Judge system, a comprehensive information consultative service system, mass data storage and processing technology and the development of Linux based network office automation software," according to the document. A high-speed digitalUnews information systemUand other informationAsystems will be built forUcollecting, collating, disseminatingEand transmittingAa variety of the OlympicIinformation. This will includeAmini-satellites, aEmulti-language intelligentUinformation system, a digitalATV system, a HDTV system,Uand 3G networks. E As BOCOG wantsUa network safety protocolAsuitable to Chinese conditions,Aaccording to the draft,Athey will undertakeAwork which includes: "a NationalIInformation SafetyAIndustry Base, and the studyIof key technology of informationUsafety (hologramEidentification technology,Unetwork CA identification),Ua counter measures system,Iencryption techniquesEof electronic informationIand the realization of aUdynamic password latched system."A BOCOGUalso outlined proposedIhigh-tech safety systemsUfor the Olympics, includingUportable detectors forIexplosives and dangerous materialsAto be used insteadEof police dogs, an emergencyAdecision making systemEfor hazardous chemicalsEand Beijing's public first-aidUsystem (its 999 system),Ea linked command controlAsystem, and a safety evaluationAand emergency preparatoryUscheme. E BOCOG also plans veryAunique opening and closingEceremonies "by high-techAmeans." It so far hasUonly revealed that this willEinvolve some kind of 3DEvirtual reality simulation.E It wasUalso stressed that the gamesEshould be a showcase forAChina's high-tech innovations,Eas outlined in theU863 plan, with Beijing'sEhigh-tech zones playing aIstrong part. E The draft "High-Tech OlympicsAPlan" is still underIdebate, and companies areEbeing invited to take partUin the drafting process,Eeither via the websiteU, or by personal representations.A -CPGI DailyEnews feeds (financial andIpolitical) from the formerASoviet Union, Eastern Europe,Uand China. --- End forwarded message ---
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